How to Donate Items to Bingley Nappy Library

If you have unwanted reusable nappies, wipes, liners or anything else you no longer have a use for, we’d be delighted to take them off your hands!  No matter how well-loved your items are; if the elastic is no more, if the wraps are no longer waterproof, we have a use for everything.  We can send broken elastics off to an affiliated, fully insured, nappy-fixer-lady and non-waterproof wraps can be made into mini nappy keyrings!

If you have items which still have plenty of life left in them, we will endeavour to use them to demonstrate cloth to new users or use them in our hire kits.  If we do not need the specific brands or types you donate, we will either pass on to other libraries across the country who do need them or may sell them to raise funds for items we do need.

If you would like to donate to us but wish us to use the items in a particular way, please let us know at the point of donation and we’ll respect your wishes.

How to Donate Money to Bingley Nappy Library

A massive thank you for considering to donate money to us!  Bingley Nappy Library is a not-for-profit company (a Community Interest Company to use the proper term) and raises money through hire fees, selling donated nappies and merchandise and through fundraising activities. 

But we still need your help! 

Everything that we do, apart from nappy hire, is free of charge – demonstrations, remote support, face-to-face support (Eleanor will often visit families to alleviate fears of rashes, diagnose leaky nappies, fitting issues and other nappy-related problems) and our Nappy Natter events.

Our ongoing costs include public and product liability insurance, web fees and other boring legal things that must be paid, not to mention the mileage and time that is put in to ensure this valuable service is provided to families who need it.  Of course I shouldn’t forget to mention that we try and keep the library as up to date as possible by keeping the latest brands and designs to enter the cloth market so you can try them out and see if they’re as good as they claim. 

It’s not cheap running a nappy library!  And so, there are a few ways in which you can help.  You can make a straightforward monetary donation via PayPal using the button above, you can donate real physical actual pennies if you see us at an event, book kit hire or book us for demonstration or you can earn money for us while you shop by signing up to easyfundraising using the link below.  It’s really rather easy!