About us

Bingley Nappy Library was born in 2014 to help parents in the Bradford area learn more about using cloth nappies and help you make the transition from disposable to reusable.  Bingley Nappy Library is a not-for-profit organisation.

We hold a range of reusable sanitary products (nappies, wipes, breast pads, menstrual cups, sanitary pads and family cloth) for demonstration and have a large range of nappies and wipes for you to hire either in the form of a ‘kit’ or as individual items.

Bingley Nappy Library is a member of the UK Cloth Nappy Library Network  http://www.uknappynetwork.org/

Who We Are

Eleanor, Chief Librarian
Chris, Troubleshooter and Emotional Support
Oliver, Retired Tester
Meghan, Retired Tester

Our History

We had eventful ‘starts’ to cloth nappies with our son, Oliver, in 2011.  We attempted to use them 3 times before we got the hang of it.  We were only successful on the 3rd attempt due to the support from friends who leant us nappies from their own stash and a change in our mindset.  We learnt from our mistakes of the previous attempts; once we realised it didn’t have to be all or nothing and we were best off having a mixture of types and brands to suit different times of day and stages of Oliver’s development we were away and didn’t look back.  Now we have our 2nd baby, Meghan, who has been in cloth from birth and helps us ‘test’ out the nappies new to the market since Oliver potty trained

Additional Support

In 2018, the war on plastic got so fierce that we had queries and requests for support and hires coming out of our ears!  As a result, we took on two amazing volunteers to help with background admin, collecting hires and general support. 

Leonie joined the library team in 2016 after using cloth nappies with both of her children.  She started helping out by running a demo/advice session alongside the local sling library at the Chat About, Muck About Messy Play Session in Bradley, nr Skipton.  She has also attended fayres and NCT events with the library to raise awareness of cloth amongst a wider audience.  You will see Leonie collecting kits around the Skipton, Keighley, Ilkley and Otley areas, processing donations and doing background jobs.

Katy has been using cloth nappies with her second baby for 21 months.  She was a client of the nappy library and got so hooked, we managed to rope her in to help out.  You’ll see Katy collecting kits in Bradford West, processing donations and doing background jobs such as our social media and website updates.

Justine lives in Settle and helps out with responding to queries on our facebook page and emails and will also eventually provide a library presence to people in her area.  Justine also attends the nappy natters and demos.